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An on-demand software development team in 6 weeks!

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Full responsibility for team performance throughout the cooperation.

Simple & transparent rates without additional fees.

Clearly defined time of delivery of the team.

Scale faster!

Expand your software development capacity

Without recruitment

A Project Manager is involved in the remote team management, setting up processes and reporting.

IT Talent pool with over 800 specialists of Inetum Poland and 28k specialists of Inetum (globally).

A team composed to perfectly match your technology, industry, and company culture.

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Talent pool to build your software development team

Team stack available in E2E offer:

  • Java
  • .NET
  • Python (BI)

Full backend teams:

Fullstack teams:

  • Java
  • .NET
  • Python (BI)
  • Angular
  • React
  • Full frontend teams
  • Other JS frameworks
  • Kotlin
  • TypeScript
  • Mobile solutions (Android & iOS)
  • Delivery team

Other teams*:

Out of scope of this offer (to be discussed separately)

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Team setup:

1 x Team leader +

2 x Senior +

3 x Regular

Your own distributed team

Without a hassle

All engineers are engaged full-time by Inetum and dedicated only to your project.

Focus on your core business and let us take care of payroll, onboarding, compliance & benefits.

Our engineers are equipped with the required hardware (HP workstations + 2 monitors and peripherals) & software licenses (i.e., IntelliJ or WebStorm).

We handle talent acquisition at scale & dedicated team composition.






A dedicated nearshore team takes responsibility for the entire project.

Seamless integration and collaboration. You decide whether to work in the Agile, fix (Waterfall), or hybrid model.


PM’s responsible for team coaching and personal development of the engineers through a number of internal and external activities.


Place of work: Poland (remote or onsite at Inetum’s office).


Dedicated development team. Ready to get things done!

Hire a development team!

Poland - the best place for nearshore software development

Developers at your fingertips

The talent pool of over 586,000 of ICT specialists employed in Poland (according to Eurostat, 2021) – dynamically developing IT market (5–10%).

Expertise and software development skills confirmed by various international rankings (e.g. HackerRank, Raconteur report).




100% of software developers in Poland speak English (according to the Bulldogjob report 2021).

7 International airports serving over 2 million passengers each year: Warsaw, Warsaw-Modlin, Wroclaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Katowice, and Poznan, as well as several other local airports.


Simple and transparent rates

No additional fees

Team Leader

Get started today


The rate card is fixed for 12 months. Inetum Poland will cover all engineers’ expectations which arise during that time without involving the partner.

6+ years

512 EUR / Man-day

64 EUR / Hour

480 EUR / Man-day

60 EUR / Hour

6+ years


368 EUR / Man-day

46 EUR / Hour

5+ years

448 EUR / Man-day

56 EUR / Hour

3–4 years



256 EUR / Man-day

32 EUR / Hour

1–2 years


DevOps +10%.


Rates do not include VAT tax.


Rates include cost of office and infrastructure.


Customer approach

Our customer’s story is what matters most

Focus on the client

Face-to-face meetings

100% remote services

You will get our full attention during the IT project: as a client, you will be listened to and taken care of at each stage of the software development process.

We emphasize the face-to-face meetings and on-boarding if requested. We want to get to know you better to ensure excellent communication and understanding.

We are 100% remote and we have processes and tools in place that support the management of distributed teams.

Our clients say that new management methods, best practices and technologies introduced by our professionals have allowed them to gain unexpected added value. We strive to deliver even more.

You expect to receive business value within the expected time and budget. It is our mission to provide it. The partnership built on client satisfaction helps us to maintain long-term relationships.

We guarantee a 30-day trial period for each developer. During the trial, you can check if they are a perfect match for your project. If not, you can cancel their assignment from day to day. After the trial period, a one-month notice/change period applies.

30-day trial period

Added value

Client satisfaction


How quickly can I start working with a dedicated team?

Whole Team to be ready for fulltime work on 1st day of the month 6 weeks after receiving Partners’ confirmation.

What is the expected monthly cost?

49 968 EUR/Team

Settlement done in T&M according to rate card

What about Intellectual Property Rights?

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the developed code are transferred to the Partner upon payment of the monthly invoice.

How do you take care of data security aspects?

We adapt to the procedures and guidelines of the client, and for our part we are prepared from the formal and legal, procedural and technical perspectives as well (firewall, VPN, dual link, encryption, IT security policy) in order to cooperate with even the most demanding clients, such as banks or public institutions.

How do you verify the candidates?

Candidates are verified by an internal Recruitment Department for soft competences, and then by a Technical Solution Manager or a senior specialist who checks the level of knowledge of a given specialist during a technical interview. Additionally, candidates complete a test of programming competences. At the customer’s request, additional verification on his side is also possible.

Can I exchange an engineer?

Both the Partner and Inetum Poland have the right to exchange an engineer with a 1-month notice period.

Will there be a need to modify our existing processes?

No. We provide seamless integration and collaboration and our engineers adapt to your processes. You decide whether to work in the agile, fix (waterfall) or hybrid model.

Who manages the direction of the development?

The direction of the development is managed by the Product Owner, designated on the Partner side.

Engineers develop the projects or products under supervision of Inetum Poland Project Managers (PM’s) In addition, PM’s are responsible for team coaching and personal development of the engineers as well as reporting any issues that may arise during the collaboration to the Partner.

Dedicated development team. Ready to get things done!

Whole team to be ready for fulltime work on the 1st day of the month, 6 weeks after receiving Partners’ confirmation.

Hire a development team!

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Build a high-performing distributed team in 6 weeks!

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